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We produce licensable Music to make it easy for you to take the Listeners on a Journey, telling them beautiful Stories and build a wide Range of Emotions according to your Projects Needs.



We create strong emotional connection between your film and your audience, from short movies and documentaries, to commercials and video games.

Contact us to get the best score for your project. We offer high quality service specific to your needs, from the spotting session to the post production.



We are a team of passionate and professional music composers and producers offering excellence and commitment in our numerous collaborations.

William Wozniak & Pascal Hartmann - MotionScores

Sharing a common Passion for music, William Wozniak and Pascal Hartmann joined early 2020 to work on a common production project: MotionScores. Together they compose and deliver music for film/- video creators and agencies.
Their goal is to provide high quality services and produce original and pertinent soundtracks that support motion pictures where music is needed.

William Wozniak was born in France on May 24, 1990, and started playing music at the age of 7 by taking Celtic harp lessons. He then studied the Cello at the age of 11 and joined the city's orchestra. Self-taught, William Wozniak wrote his first composition in 2003. Quickly gaining in maturity and technique, he was nominated in 2010 for best film music during a French regional contest for the short movie “Repetitions”. In 2020, William Wozniak took part in the final of the FMF Young Talent Award of Krakow.

Pascal Hartmann, born on July 31, 1996, developed his interest for music from the age of 8 through drumming lessons. His musical devotion and curiosity led him to play the piano, the guitar, as well as the use of synthetizers, the later giving a modern touch to the orchestral pieces. He obtained a degree in sound engineering at the SAE Institutes in Zürich and worked in different Studios, gathering  Clients requirements, recording, composing and mixing Music and Voice Actors for TV-Commercials & Web Advertisements.


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Picture Aga

Picture Aga

The beginning of a new adventure

William and Pascal met in spring 2019 on a short movie project in Zürich. 



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